Andrew Hunter


Andrew completed his PhD in Clinical Psychology at York University; he works to support people in addressing difficulties with anxiety (generalized anxiety, social anxiety, health anxiety, perfectionism), obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, relationship difficulties, identity-related questions (e.g., questioning around gender and sexuality, self-esteem, career questions), and various forms of life stress (e.g., bereavement, burnout, life transitions). 

He also has extensive experience using Exposure with Response Prevention to help people address a variety of obsessions and compulsions having to do with topics such as harm (both to self and others), sex, contamination, “just right” feelings, technology use, morality/religious transgressions, and relationships. Andrew completed his predoctoral residency at the University of British Columbia, and has held practicum placements at the Frederick W. Thompson Anxiety Disorders Centre at Sunnybrook Hospital, and Toronto Metropolitan University’s Centre for Student Development and Counselling. 

Andrew also works with individuals with Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRBs), such as excoriation disorder (skin picking), trichotillomania (hair pulling). 

Andrew provides therapy within a Cognitive-Behavioural framework. Within this framework he draws on ideas and techniques from a range of approaches, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical-Behavioural Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness. 

Andrew’s approach to therapy involves supporting people as they address patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that are not working for them, as well as empowering others to leverage their strengths and interests towards meaningful living. This approach is collaborative, anti-oppressive, trauma-informed, client-centered, and evidence-based. He strives to provide the people he works with a warm, empathic, and respectful environment so that they might have the mental space required for reflection and change.

In addition to his clinical interests, Andrew has conducted academic and applied research on judgment and decision-making which inspires him to help others (and himself!) make wise choices.

Andrew Hunter’s practice includes the following services:

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