Jinny Hong


Jinny is a Ph.D. Candidate in Clinical & Counselling Psychology program at the University of Toronto. She is passionate about helping individuals navigate through various mental health issues including depression, anxiety disorders (i.e., social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and specific phobias), trauma-related disorders, as well as academic/work stress, perfectionism, childhood maltreatment, and adjustment and life transition issues.

Jinny has completed practicum placements providing psychotherapy and assessment services at the University of Toronto, Adult Day Treatment Program for Mood and Anxiety Disorders at Brampton Civic Hospital, Assessment and Wellness Clinic at North York General Hospital, and Work, Stress, and Health Program at Centre for Addictions and Mental Health. She has experience addressing intrusive thoughts common in generalized anxiety disorder, perfectionism, and social anxiety disorder (i.e., “what if something happens to my family”,“I cannot afford to make a mistake”, and “people are judging me negatively”) using exposure (i.e., gradual invivo or imaginal) and acceptance-based techniques (i.e., cognitive defusion: recognizing that thoughts are just thoughts and that you do not have to act on nor attach meaning to them). Prior to her graduate school training, Jinny has worked with children with autism spectrum disorder and adolescents with learning disabilities.

Jinny works collaboratively with her clients to set specific goals and to choose appropriate techniques from evidence-based treatment modalities in which she is trained (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Emotion-Focused Therapy) in order to tailor treatment to best meet her client’s needs. She creates a warm, non-judgmental space for her clients to feel, share and explore their thoughts and feelings. This allows for individuals to generate new, beneficial insights and ultimately, help them live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Jinny Hong’s practice includes the following services:

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