We are experienced mental health professionals providing online therapy services across Canada. We provide OCD online therapy in Ontario, BC, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Our associates are fully registered in different provinces. Most are registered in Ontario. Some are registered in BC or Nova Scotia. Those who are not registered in a given province work under the license of a fully registered psychologist. Psychologists who are fully registered in other Canadian jurisdictions are permitted to provide tele psychology services to residents of Nova Scotia and of New Brunswick

Our work is evidence-based, collaborative and values-based – ensuring that every client is a major participant in their treatment and is able to “take the reins” and become their own therapist over time. We provide treatment to both individuals and couples. Trauma work is also provided within our practice. Our work is client-centered and strengths-based.

Interventions include cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy and mindfulness-based treatment. Within our practice, we have years of collective expertise and look forward to working with you to achieve a better quality of life and a greater ability to navigate the distress you are experiencing and live the life you want!