Sometimes individuals need more than weekly therapy sessions and our therapists are able to offer more frequent treatment appointments to meet those needs.

We are pleased to offer a range of intensive services for OCD and anxiety disorders as well as other presenting issues. We will design a package of services that specifically addresses your needs and can be titrated up or down in terms of intensity as you progress throughout your treatment. This will ensure that every individual receives the right dose of treatment to meet their needs and help them progress at a pace that works for them.

When therapy is delivered in a more intensive manner, your treatment with us could involve a variety of options, including: two sessions per week, focusing on more intense CBT or ERP work; one weekly therapy session and a phone check-in session; or in-home visits to provide an in-depth coached exposure session.

We might also meet with you in your community to do exposures in environments that are very triggering. You might also work with associates of different disciplines to enhance your treatment package, in which each associate brings their own unique lens to your treatment plan. This can aid in your recovery in a very unique way, depending on the clinical issues that you are experiencing. 

We have associates who are able to travel throughout the GTA. Travel costs will be discussed with you beforehand as well as costs for prolonged in-home visits or community exposure work. 

We also have associates who are able to do sessions outdoors to provide some in-person connections, while other sessions would be virtual in nature. We believe that the nature of therapy should be as flexible as possible to help you in the way that best suits your challenges and allows you to progress on the road to recovery. We always want therapy to be personalized in the best way possible. Ask us more at your intake call!