We offer a variety of services to best suit your needs.

These include individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and intensive services.

Dr. Marlene Taube-Schiff and her team of licensed healthcare professionals can help you develop the skills you need to become your own therapist and embark on the path of recovery and wellness.

Our sessions are conducted through a secure video-conference tele-therapy platform. We will treat anyone within Ontario, Vancouver and British Columbia.

We currently offer remote services throughout Ontario, Vancouver and British Columbia. We plan to open physical space in Ontario in 2022. We will then be able to offer both in-person and virtual services. Check back for more details.

Our Services

We provide a variety of services that can be tailored to your mental health needs. Individual therapy is offered for adolescents and adults. We also offer couples and family therapy. Group therapy can also be very beneficial as it is highly effective, builds community, and is affordable. People can receive individual therapy alongside their group program.

Intensive services are available for anyone who would like to receive more treatment. This package can be individualized to meet your needs.

We also provide formal psychodiagnostic assessments that can enhance your treatment planning and understanding of presenting issues. Formal reports are provided to you as part of this service.

We also offer parent coaching and parent workshops to help families achieve the skills and strategies needed to enhance their family relationships and support loved ones who are struggling with mental health issues.

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