When using the Gottman method, the therapist sets out to help the couple build a loving, meaningful and fulfilling relationship towards each other.

Individuals often come to therapy and they might feel disconnected from their partner or they might be experiencing conflict. Often, they do not know where to start in terms of resolving ongoing issues that have been arising.

This evidence-based approach is geared towards couples and includes a comprehensive assessment of the couple’s relationships and also integrates research-based interventions from what is called Sound Relationship House Theory (foundational theory of the Gottman Institute). There are several goals for treatment when a therapist is using this type of an approach in their work with a couple. These include: neutralizing argumentative verbal communication and enhancing intimacy, respect and affection. Therapy goals also include decreasing barriers in the relationship that produce a feeling of stagnancy during conflicts, as well as enhancing empathy and understanding. 

Couples will learn several different relationship skills when engaged in this type of therapy. These skills can enhance communication styles such that understanding each other becomes possible rather than experiencing ongoing arguing and conflict. Couples will also learn the normalcy of conflict and how to engage in the important repair process after arguments. This can allow couples to move forward in a healthy way following conflictual situations. By learning important conflict triggers of your partner, you will learn healthier communication strategies. Couples will also learn about enhancing the elements of friendship in the context of their romantic relationships.  

Over time, the goal is for the couple to build a meaningful relationship and be able to communicate more effectively. The couple can then relate to each other in a manner that is more fulfilling. These skills can be helpful and relevant for couples whether their relationship is new or whether they have been married for decades. 

Associates at FTPS, use this approach for a variety of couples issues, including marital discord, relationships stressors, ongoing relational conflict and those looking to enhance the intimacy within their relationship.

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