Reach your goals and and move forward towards the life you want.

Dr. Marlene Taube-Schiff & her team of licensed healthcare professionals can help you

develop the skills you need to become your own therapist and embark on the path of recovery and wellness

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Welcome to Forward Thinking Psychological Services.

Our team specializes in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive and related disorders. We also have expertise in the provision of evidence-based treatment for anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, health anxiety, panic disorder and phobias. 


In addition, our team provides treatment for a variety of other issues including depression, trauma, life transitions and relational issues. 

We offer services to youth, adults, couples and families throughout Ontario using a secure video conference system.  

We can help you learn the skills you need to overcome anxiety and depression and live the life you want.

At Forward Thinking Psychological Services,

we believe that treatment should:

Enhance your ability to live a life in line with your values

Mental health issues can pull us away from the things we value most in life - friends, family, work, activities. Treatment will often involve hard work and facing things that you might have been avoiding.


Therapy will help you to move through what is difficult and to re-discover the things in life that make your day worthwhile.

From smaller goals to larger accomplishments, therapy will enable you to unhook from thoughts and feelings that are pulling you away from the life you want. 

Teach you to become your own therapist

We deliver treatment that is evidence-based and time-limited to allow you to gain skills and strategies to one day take the reins and become your own therapist.


Therapy should never be a mystery and it should not be something that magically happens to you. We believe that therapy consists of collaboration between therapist and client, skill building and independent practice.


Over time, you will have everything you need to overcome whatever comes your way!

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Be collaborative and engaging

Therapy is about us working together as a team.


We will decide together how to best approach your difficulties and move forward in a manner that best fits your needs. Each session will cover joint agendas from both therapist and client in order to ensure the treatment is individualized and productive. 

The treatment we provide is based on the latest scientific evidence. 


Our therapeutic process begins with a brief consultation with Dr. Taube-Schiff or one of her associates..

During this call we will discuss what you have been experiencing and whether our practice will be a good fit for you.


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