Psychodiagnostic assessments are conducted by individuals trained in psychological assessment. They provide individuals with diagnostic clarification and treatment planning.

A psychodiagnostic assessment is a collaborative process between you and your clinician that can help you to figure out specific areas of functioning that might be challenging for you and that you want to work on in therapy. 

During this assessment, you will be guided through several questions about different areas of your mental health, psychological and personality functioning. Questions asked are standardized and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they are properly assessing your areas of functioning in an evidence-based manner. Some questions will be answered in a simple yes or no manner and others will require more detailed responses. Your therapist will support you in answering any questions that are more difficult to respond to. 

A report will be then written based on the information provided. Following the assessment, you will be invited to a feedback session in which you will learn about any diagnoses that were formally made and implications for treatment with your clinician. During the feedback session, you will be able to read through the report and provide any further information that you feel will be helpful. 

A psychologist will be present at the feedback session as well. You will have an opportunity to read our report and suggest any modifications as well. 

In order to have a psychological assessment completed, you can be self-referred and we also accept referrals from physicians.

At FTPS, individuals with advanced skills in psychodiagnostic assessment conduct these assessments under the supervision of a skilled psychologist. Information gathered is discussed and the report is also written under supervision as well. We provide psychodiagnostic assessments for individuals presenting with OCD, anxiety disorders, depression, trauma and a variety of other presenting clinical issues.