Group therapy has been shown to be as effective as individual therapy, with the advantage of forming relationships with other individuals who have similar experiences.

We are currently filling spots for our upcoming Group Therapy sessions starting in early 2023.

  • OCD Group Therapy for Adults
  • Booster Group Therapy Sessions
    for OCD and Anxiety
  • CBT Group for OCD for Teens

The connections that form between group members, sharing of information and power of being in a group have all been found to enhance the effectiveness of the therapeutic process. Group therapy has been found to be effective for OCD, anxiety, depressive disorders and many other presenting issues.

Why Choose Group Therapy: Because it works!

In considering joining group therapy or a workshop, people often have questions about the effectiveness and benefits of doing therapy as part of a group. A recent, large scale literature review by The Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy shows that the results and benefits of group therapy compare favourably to those of individual therapy. This review supports our long-held belief in the positive results we see first hand for our group and workshop clients.

Why Choose Group Therapy: To Build A Sense Of Community!

When you choose to engage in group therapy, you become part of a community. You are able to share experiences with other individuals who have similar thoughts, feelings and behaviours. When you learn that other people have had similar experiences as you, it can be very powerful. 

You will likely feel less alone in these difficult experiences and embrace the power of the group as part of what helps get you on the road to recovery and wellness. You will become more comfortable sharing your challenges. You will learn from others about how to approach things that have been difficult for you. You will get to learn from professionals and others with lived experience. All these aspects allow for it to be a very fulfilling experience. 

Why Choose Group Therapy: Because it’s Cost-Effective!

People often face many kinds of pressures, including financial ones. This is why we are pleased to offer groups that are very cost-effective when compared to individual therapy. Group treatment can offer you foundational skills that will provide new ways of coping and managing anxiety, depression, and other challenges that you might be facing.

If you wish to do so, individual therapy can often be engaged afterward as a way to deepen the learning and work that has taken place. We also offer individual therapy sessions alongside group therapy to make for a highly effective therapeutic package of services. This allows you to review material that you are learning in group. It also allows you to explore additional material that you might not have been able to address in the context of the group.

What Else Can You Tell Me About Group Therapy: What Happens in Treatment?

At FTPS, group therapy is conducted within small closed groups to allow for clients to share powerful experiences as they learn important information about their presenting issues, build key coping strategies for recovery and enhance ongoing skill development.

Our group intervention for OCD includes several CBT strategies, such as Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) work, understanding thought traps in OCD as well as thought record work. We also discuss Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in our groups, with a focus on values-based work and present moment awareness. Although our groups are small, we also use break out rooms to ensure everyone receives more individualized attention and support. This allows for everyone to have an opportunity to participate.

Please reach out to our intake team to learn more about our groups and how you can meet with group facilitators before the groups begin.

Our Group Therapy Offerings Include:

  • OCD Group therapy – for adults and teens
  • DBT Skills Groups
  • Mindfulness Groups
  • CBT Coping Skills Groups

To find out about our ongoing group recruitment, please contact us today!