Lindsey Snaychuk

MA, Doctoral Associate

Lindsey Snaychuk is a Ph.D. candidate in the Clinical Psychology Program at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). Lindsey has provided treatment for individuals with complex care needs at St. Michael’s Hospital and is currently providing assessment and intervention services in the bariatric surgery clinical at Toronto Western Hospital. She is also a therapist on a clinical research trial for treating eating concerns through the Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Lab at TMU.

Lindsey has experience working with adults of all ages for a range of presenting concerns including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, substance use disorders, and behavioural addictions. She welcomes clients of all backgrounds from older adolescence to late adulthood. Given her prior training in sexual health and sex-positive approach to therapy, she particularly welcomes individuals experiencing obsessions and/or compulsions related to sexuality.

Lindsey has several years of experience working with individuals with anxiety. She’s treated presenting concerns related to worry, perfectionism, and intrusive thoughts using cognitive behavioural approaches such as exposure therapy. 

Prior to graduate school, Lindsey co-facilitated a support group for adults with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and worked at an inpatient treatment centre for addiction where she led a sex, love, and relationships skills group. She currently works as a national research coordinator for a network of addiction treatment centres where she leads measurement-based care initiatives and carries out program evaluation. 

Lindsey takes a warm, integrative, and collaborative approach to therapy. Drawing from a strong background in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), she strives to incorporate other evidence-based frameworks such as mindfulness-based behavioural therapy (MBCT), compassion focused therapy (CFT), and dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) into her practice depending on individual needs. 

Outside of clinical practice, Lindsey’s graduate research broadly focuses on impulsive and addictive behaviours. With an educational background in sexual health, she has a particular interest in studying the conceptualization of compulsive sexual behaviour, including how symptoms may manifest in the presence of other psychiatric comorbidities, including OCD. 

Beyond work and academia, Lindsey enjoys visiting the beach, finding new markets to explore, and taking too many pictures of her dog, Ella.

Lindsey Snaychuk’s practice includes the following services:

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Selected Publications

Snaychuk, L. A., Pejic, S., Ornstein, T., & Basedow, C. (2024). Addiction treatment outcomes: Examining the impact of an inpatient program for substance use disorders and concurrent mental distress. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly. Advance online publication.  

Snaychuk, L. A., Ashley, A., McGrath, D., Hodgins, D., Williams, R., & Kim, H. S. (2023). Demographic, gambling, and psychological characteristics of sports bettors in a stratified sample of adults who gamble regularly. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 37(8), 1089–1100.

Vieira J., Snaychuk, L. A., Milicevic, J., Hodgins, D. C., Shead, N. W., Keough, M. T., & Kim, H. S. (2023). Emotion dysregulation mediates the association between adverse childhood experiences and problem cannabis use among postsecondary students high in affective impulsivity, Cannabis. Advance online publication.

Snaychuk, L. A., Hirst, S. A., & Basedow, C. A. (2023). Inpatient treatment for substance use disorders: Reductions in substance cravings, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Journal of Substance Use.

Snaychuk, L. A., Ferraro, Y., Fontenelle, L., Miguel, E., De Mathis, M. A., Scanavino, M., & Kim, H. S. (2022). Co-occurring obsessive compulsive disorder and compulsive sexual behavior: Clinical features and psychiatric comorbidities. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 51, 4111–4123

Selected Presentations

Snaychuk, L. A., & Vieira, J., & Kim, H. S. (2023, October 27). Concurrent disorders: Addressing co- occurring substance use and addiction in mental health care [Invited talk]. The Medical Humanities Conference, Toronto, ON.

Snaychuk, L. A. & Basedow, C. A. (2023; October 18-21). Facets of emotion dysregulation as mediators in the relationship between anxiety and substance dependence [Poster presentation]. Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine’s 2023 Scientific Conference, Victoria, Canada

Snaychuk, L. A., Kosenkov, T., Basedow, C. A., & Kim, H. S. (2023, June 22-25). Co-occurring substance use disorder and compulsive sexual behaviour in an inpatient population: Clinical correlates and impact on treatment outcomes [Poster presentation]. Canadian Psychological Association’s Annual Convention  2023, Toronto, Canada

Snaychuk, L. A., Ingram, G., & Basedow, C. A. (2023, May 4-6). Evaluating the impact of inpatient treatment on anxiety and depressive symptoms amongst adults with compulsive sexual behaviour disorder [Poster presentation]. Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies’ 13th Annual Convention, Halifax, CanadaSnaychuk, L. A., Parmar, P., Hodgins, D., Keough, M., Shead, W. & Kim, H. S. (2022, June 23-25). Impulsivity as a predictor of co-occurring problem gambling and compulsive sexual behaviours [Poster presentation]. Alberta Gambling Research Institute Conference 2022, Banff, Canada

Selected Professional Development

Engaging Clients in Collaborative Case Conceptualization (2023). Workshop led by Dr. Christine Padesky at the Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies 13th Annual Conference. 

Healing Minority Stress among the 2SLGBTQIA+ Community through CBT (2023). Workshop led by Dr. Taylor Hachard at the Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies 13th Annual Conference. 

Fundamentals of Motivational Interviewing in Addiction (2022). Workshop led by Magadalen Schulter & Bradley Brazeau at the Canadian Psychological Association’s 83rd Annual Convention

Psychology and therapy services with Indigenous Peoples: Helpful, Harmful, Unsure? How Truth and Reconciliation makes for improved services for Indigenous Peoples (2023). Workshop led by Jennifer Chalmers at the Canadian Psychological Association’s 83rd Annual Convention

CBT in the Virtual Environment: Advances and Lessons Learned (2022). Workshop led by Christine Korol at the Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies 12th Annual Conference. 

Developing Cultural Sensitivity in Clinical Settings and Repairing Microaggression-related Alliance Ruptures (2021). Live actor simulation training delivered by Karen Arthurton of Toronto Metropolitan University’s School of Social Work

CBT for OCD in Children (2018). Workshop led by Dr. Martin Franklin at the
Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies 8th Annual Conference.