Meagan Yarmey


Meagan is a Registered Social Worker and has been practicing for over a decade. She earned a PhD in Psychology at York University in 2003 and an MA in Community Psychology in 1995. She is a member of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and a member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers. Meagan has also been a member of the registered College of Social Workers in Nova Scotia since 2023.  

Meagan’s clinical practice focuses on adults, couples, families and parent coaching. She has extensive experience with a diversity of presenting issues, including OCD, skin picking and hair pulling, anxiety, body image issues, mood disorders and trauma-related disorders. 

In terms of OCD-related concerns, Meagan has worked with individuals with a wide range of OCD presentations, including contamination, feelings of “just rightness,” harm-related thoughts, sexual intrusive thoughts  and perfectionism. When working with individuals with OCD, Meagan will use CBT with Exposure and Response Prevention interventions as well as Inference-Based CBT for OCD.

Meagan’s client-centered clinical approach focuses on collaboration with every individual to ensure that unique treatment plans are created to meet the needs of every person she works with. Her evidence-based clinical work is grounded within a CBT approach and she integrates elements of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical-Behaviour Therapy (DBT) as well as using I-CBT for OCD. She uses a trauma-focused approach, when needed, and incorporates mindfulness-based skills when they are of benefit to the individual. 

Meagan holds a passion for understanding the mind-body connection and, as such, trained for several years in Eastern meditative practice and is a certified Zen Shiatsu Practitioner. 

Meagan has also been engaged in conducting research and mental health literacy program development. She has worked in university counseling centers as a therapist, led Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) psychotherapeutic groups for anxiety and depression, and acted as clinical supervisor to interns and new therapists. 

Meagan has also worked as a part-time faculty member teaching in psychology undergraduate and master’s programs, as well as in private practice and university counselling centers as a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor. 

Meagan continues to engage in professional development, consultation and supervision to allow her to continue to grow and ensure she stays abreast of the latest developments in her areas of clinical practice.

In her spare time, Meagan enjoys spending time pursuing her passion for photography, cooking, traveling, and yoga. 

Meagan Yarmey’s practice includes the following services:

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Recent Professional Development

Act for Perfectionism and People Pleasing (2023). 6-week online course. Led by Dr. Russ Harris. Psychwire.

ACT For Depression and Anxiety Disorders (2021) Led by Dr Russ Harris. Psychwire.

ASIST: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (2014) Living Works.

CBT – Level II (2014) McMaster University

Dealing with Therapy – Interfering Behaviours: Strategies from DBT (2014). Led by Dr. Alex Chapman

DSM-5 Differential Diagnosis for Clients with Trauma: Four Steps to Accurate Diagnosis (2023). Led by Margaret Bloom PhD.

Internal Family Systems: Treating Relational and Complex Trauma (2019). Frank Anderson MD

Nonviolent Crisis Prevention and Intervention – Crisis Prevention Institute (2015)

SafeTalk: Suicide Alertness for EveryoneSafeTalk: Suicide Alertness for Everyone (2019) Living Works.

The Hungry Ghost: A Biopsychosocial Perspective on Addiction from Heroin to Workaholism (2014). Dr Gabor Mate

Understanding and Treating Pathological Perfectionism (2017). Dr. Martin Antony