Priyanka Khimsharia


Priyanka is a Master level therapist. Priyanka is completing a Master of Psychology in Clinical Psychology from Adler Graduate Professional School (expected date of completion May 21st, 2024). She will be registering with the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) and is in the process of collecting hours to become a fully registered professional. She is currently working under the supervision of Dr. Marlene Taube-Schiff. She also holds a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from the University of Sussex, UK (2011). She has more than 8 years of extensive experience in different healthcare environments, including hospitals, institutions, private clinics and non-profit settings, working with children, adolescents and adults.

At FTPS, Priyanka focuses on supporting clients with symptoms of trauma, OCD, anxiety and OCD-related concerns. She has worked with individuals presenting with a range of OCD symptoms, including obsessions and compulsions related to contamination, harm, sexuality, relationships, somatic, health, exactness/symmetry, perfectionism, and “just right” feelings. She has also worked with individuals who are experiencing body-focused repetitive behaviours such as excoriation disorder (i.e., skin picking) and trichotillomania (i.e., hair pulling). 

As a clinician, Priyanka provides trauma-informed care and resilience-building techniques. Drawing from a diverse array of therapeutic modalities, Priyanka tailors her approach to meet the unique needs of each client, fostering growth and resilience along the way. With a firm belief in the power of compassionate support, Priyanka helps clients navigate their stories with courage and resilience. She aims to create a safe, non-judgmental environment where clients feel empowered to explore their challenges and develop the skills needed to optimize their life experiences. Her commitment to providing a supportive space allows individuals to embark on their healing journey with confidence. 

Priyanka is trained in a range of evidence-based therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Adlerian Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness-Based techniques. This eclectic approach allows her to tailor treatment plans to fit the unique needs, strengths, and goals of each individual she serves. Her clinical and research interests focus on understanding the impact of adverse childhood experiences in adulthood, with a particular emphasis on resilient factors. 

In her spare time, Priyank enjoys baking, engaging in DIY activities, and traveling.

Priyanka Khimsharia’s practice includes the following services:

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