Samantha Brown

BA (Hons)

Samantha is our office manager. She oversees the clinic’s daily operations and assists the administrative team with billing and intakes. Samantha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management and Economics from Wilfrid Laurier University. As a passionate person who strives to help others with mental health issues, Samantha joined us at FTPS.

Samantha is the friendly voice on the other end of our email inbox. Samantha is passionate about mental health services. She can answer any questions you may have about our team and our services. It may be uncomfortable to reach out to someone, but she is here to provide you with a safe environment in which you can share your initial thoughts and concerns. Having an empathic nature and strong listening skills, she is honoured to be your first point of contact at the clinic.

When Samantha is not at work she spends most of her time outside whether that means hiking in new places, camping in Algonquin, or playing a sport like tennis or golf!