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Forward Thinking Therapy Approaches

Our team specializes in the treatment of OCD and related disorders as well as anxiety disorders

We use CBT with an emphasis on Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) work.

We can work with you within your own home virtually, which is often a place of
triggers for individuals experiencing symptoms of OCD and anxiety.

Virtual therapy allows us to work with all your triggers, anywhere, without any limits throughout the course of therapy.

We also treat:
 Bipolar Disorder
Life transitions
Relational issues
Bipolar Disorder
Emotion regulation
Stress management

We work with youth and teens, adults, couples, families and offer parent coaching.
We offer a variety of treatment options to best suit your needs: individual, group and intensive services.
We also offer psychological assessments that can provide clarity on long-standing mental health issues


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

ACT is a values-based approach that helps clients to move towards things in one’s life that are meaningful for them and also help to recognize elements in one’s life that keep them stuck.


ACT enables clients to create different relationships to their thoughts and ground themselves in the present moment.


ACT incorporates elements of mindfulness, acceptance and behavioural change to encourage the development of psychological flexibility which has been associated with enhanced quality of life and wellness. 


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

CBT is a collaborative therapeutic approach that teaches clients important connections between thoughts, behaviours, emotions and physical sensations.


CBT is evidence-based and is considered the gold standard for many psychological disorders. CBT enables clients to become aware of unhelpful thought patterns and challenge these thoughts in order to develop a more balanced perspective on difficult and triggering situations.


CBT also incorporates behavioural approaches (i.e., Exposure and Response Prevention; behavioural experiments) to allow clients to begin to approach situations that are usually avoided due to high levels of distress. CBT is a skills-based approach which enables clients to, ultimately, become your own therapist.



Exposure Therapy, which includes Exposure and Response Prevention is the behavioural component of cognitive behavioural therapy in which clients are supported to confront activities and events that cause them anxiety, distress and discomfort. It is a powerful component of CBT. 


During this therapy, clients will confront objects, activities or situations that they have been avoiding and will learn ways to tolerate the fear, anxiety and distress. This can be done through live behavioural exposures as well as imaginal exposures. 


Exposure and Response Prevention work is used within the context of treating OCD. This work allows the client to face their fears and triggers without turning to their rituals and compulsions (whether they are behavioural or mental). Therapists will support clients in learning a different relationship to their obsessions and intrusive thoughts during the work of ERP.



Dialetical Behaviour Therapy

DBT therapy was originally developed for individuals with borderline personality disorder.


However, the skills derived from this therapeutic approach have been found to help individuals when experiencing intense emotional reactions and extreme feelings of distress.


DBT has a strong grounding in CBT and these skills can be incorporated into may treatment approaches to enable individuals to learn strategies for managing big emotions, overwhelming distress and ongoing interpersonal conflict.


Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Mindfulness-based therapy approaches promote a focus on awareness and acceptance of the present moment.


Mindfulness teaches clients to be present and nonjudgmental of their current thoughts, feelings and physical sensations regardless of whether they experience pleasure or distress from them. These approaches teach clients to let difficult thoughts come and go and not engage with them or act on them.


Rather, one is able to accept thoughts and feelings as they are and let them pass through one’s mind without judgment or evaluation.


Clients will benefit from the incorporation of mindfulness into their treatment as these skills allow for one to let go of intrusive thoughts, ruminations and pervasive anxiety.

Emotion Focused

Family Therapy

This evidence-based approach has been created to support caregivers in their role of supporting their loved one’s recovery from issues with mental health.


This approach has been inspired by attachment theories, emotional processing and neuroscience.


When working within this approach, parents and caregivers are empowered to take on an active role in their loved one’s mental health and wellness via behaviour coaching, emotion coaching and therapeutic apologies.

Our Services

We provide evidence-based therapy to help individuals overcome a variety of presenting issues, including obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, anxiety, depression and trauma.

We also provide formal psychodiagnostic assessments that can enhance your treatment planning and understanding of presenting issues. Formal reports are provided to you as part of this service. 


Our sessions are conducted through a secure video-conference teletherapy platform. We will treat anyone within Ontario. We provide services to youth, adults, individuals, couples and families. We provide group therapy services as well.


Individual Psychotherapy

In an individual psychotherapy session, you will work directly with your therapist in an individualized manner to ensure that your treatment is tailored to your presenting issues.


You will learn valuable skills and tools to enable you to overcome anxiety and avoidance, challenge negative thoughts, manage intrusive thoughts, decrease compulsions and rituals, enhance low mood, incorporate every day mindfulness and process traumatic experiences.


Our work is grounded in a CBT approach and we incorporate other approaches in order to enhance our treatment delivery and enable better outcomes for your recovery. 



Group therapy has been shown to be as effective as individual therapy, with the advantage of forming relationships with other individuals who have similar experiences.


The connections that form between group members, sharing of information and power of being in a group have all been found to enhance the effectiveness of the therapeutic process. Group therapy has been found to be effective for OCD, anxiety and depressive disorders.


Group therapy within our practice would be conducted within small closed groups to allow for clients to share powerful experiences as they learn important information about their presenting issues, build key coping strategies for recovery and enhance ongoing skill development

Couples and Family


We offer couples and family therapy work for a wide range of presenting issues including: separation and divorce, grief and loss, physical and mental illness, pandemic impact, life transitions, family trauma and conflict, relationship stressors, and betrayal.

Our approach for couples therapy focuses on Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy, which has been developed from principles of attachment science. In this approach, our therapists work with you and your partner to create a positive shift in interactional patterns, to expand and re-organize key emotional responses, and to create a secure bond between both of you. 

Our approach for families focuses on Emotionally Focused Family Therapy. Our therapists will work with your family to restore connection and promote resilience in family relationships. In this approach, the therapist will work with your family to create new patterns of parental availability, responsiveness, and coherent attachment communications as families face developmental change and life challenges. 

Our therapists also use Narrative Therapy for both couples and family work. Beginning with the premise that we story our lives based on individual experiences, this is a deeply respectful and highly collaborative approach. In this approach, our therapist works with you and your partner or family to help you separate from identified issues by exploring the discourse of personal stories to articulate unique values and preferences. This narrative becomes the material through which change is jointly explored.


In parent coaching work, you will learn skills as a parent to support your loved one in terms of the challenges they are facing. This might involve decreasing the amount of family accommodation that understandably occurs when a family member is experiencing difficult mental health issues. Unfortunately, family accommodation serves to perpetuate the issues experienced and strategies to decrease these behaviours benefit both the parents and the individual experiencing mental health issues. Family accommodation work is often highly beneficial for families in which a loved one is experiencing OCD. We work with families whether or not their loved ones are also seeking help with us. 


Parenting strategies can also be developed that can be of benefit to each unique family situation. Enhanced communication is another skill set that can also be developed within the context of parent coaching. In addition, power struggles and challenging parenting dynamics that have developed are also addressed. We offer parent coaching for families with children of all ages - elementary school aged-children, adolescents, and young adults.

Parent Coaching 



for Professionals

We are pleased to offer workshops for professionals to enhance their work.


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for any speaking requests. 


Getting Started

We are so glad you have found us.

Our therapeutic process begins with a brief consultation with Dr. Taube-Schiff or one of her associates.

During this call, we will discuss what you have been experiencing and whether our practice will be a good fit for you.


Following the initial consultation, you will be invited to a no-charge meet and greet to ensure a best fit with one of our associates. This will be done through our secure video teletherapy platform and we will book you as soon as there is availability.


After your first session, should it not feel like the best fit, just let us know and you can meet with another associate.

We want you to find the best fit within our practice and we will work with you to make that happen!