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Forward Thinking Therapy Groups & Workshops

Workshops and group therapy offered at Forward Thinking Psychological Services can offer you many benefits!

We regularly put on workshops so please check back with us often!

Group and Workshops are effective

Group therapy really works!

In considering joining group therapy or a workshop, people often have questions about the effectiveness and benefits of doing therapy as part of a group.

A recent, large scale literature review 

by The Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy shows that the results and benefits of group therapy compare favourably to those of individual therapy.


This review supports our long-held belief in the positive results we see first hand for our group and workshop clients.

Build a sense of Community

Engage in a network of support

When you choose to engage in group therapy, you become part of a community. You are able to share experiences with other individuals who have similar thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


You will likely feel less alone in these difficult experiences and embrace the power of the group as part of what helps get you on the road to recovery and wellness.


Group Therapy and Workshops

offer a lot for less

In these often challenging times, we can face many kinds of pressures, including financial ones. This is why we are pleased to offer groups and workshops that are very cost-effective when compared to individual therapy.

Group therapy can offer you foundational skills that will provide new ways of coping and managing anxiety, depression, and other challenges that you might be facing.

If you wish to do so, individual therapy can often be engaged in afterward as a way to deepen the learning and work that has taken place.


Upcoming Groups

Standing up to OCD

Are Intrusive, Distressing Thoughts or Compulsions Robbing you

from Living Your Life?

September 15th on 2021 

Forward Thinking Psychological Services invites you to join us for an 8 week group treatment. OCD Group Workshop: Standing Up to OCD


Over the course of the 8 weeks, you will:

  • Amp up your Determination to Stand Up to OCD

  • Identify & Challenge Your Specific Obsessions & Compulsions

  • Build Your Personalized Exposure Hierarchy with expert guidance

  • Learn Scientifically-Informed Cognitive Strategies

  • Unhook from Disturbing Thoughts & Feelings

  • Clarify & Move Towards your Values and Goals

  • Connect with others and share experiences

  • Receive evidence-based worksheets and resources that will enable you to continue this work after the workshop has ended


Skills covered will be drawn from evidence-based practices of cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, and dialectical behavior skills.


This group is suitable for individuals struggling with ongoing symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Eligibility: 17 years old and up


 Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8:00 pm September 15th on 2021


Online through our Secure Teletherapy Platform

What to


This workshop will include didactic information, experiential exercises, and the provision of resources and worksheets.


The fee is $800 per person. Individual sessions would cost more and can be discussed beforehand with your therapist.  The fee may be fully or partially covered under your extended health insurance. Participants should speak to their insurance company to confirm.


If you are interested in participating, we ask that you commit to a weekly attendance as it benefits both you and the group in terms of skill development and group connections. We understand issues might arise; we just ask that you try your best.


Group Therapy Sign up Information

To register for our Workshops, you will set up a brief telephone intake prior to the first session by contacting

Forward Thinking Psychological Services at:

The group will be limited in size, so please apply early!

 A secure video conference platform is used  for our Workshops and Group therapy sessions