You might notice that many clinics offer group therapy for individuals who have symptoms of OCD. You might think – why would I want to be around people when receiving group therapy? I would rather talk to someone individually because that would be more comfortable. However, there are actually many benefits when engaging in group therapy for both adults and adolescents. Forward Thinking Psychological Services (FTPS) offers group therapy for adults and adolescents with OCD. We deliver groups based on evidence-based approaches.

Why Choose Group Therapy for my OCD?

Group therapy, in general, has been found to show many benefits. Research has found outcomes for adults with OCD who choose to do group treatment as effective as those who choose individual therapy. This is very important as it can allow one to feel confident when choosing group therapy for OCD. 

Specific reasons that people benefit from group OCD treatment often include:

  • Group environment: During group therapy, individuals are able to connect with other people who share similar mental health issues. This, in and of itself, is a very powerful component of group therapy. Learning about the lived experience of other people can be a contributing factor in the road to recovery. Some individuals might even feel more comfortable sharing in front of peers than sharing in a one to one session. People will often indicate that they “never knew” other people shared similar thoughts, emotions and behaviours as them. Individuals will also gain perspective on their challenges when they talk with others about what they are experiencing.
  • Increased accessibility due to lower cost: Individual therapy can be expensive and, understandably, feel unaffordable for many people. However, group therapy can often be offered at a lower cost per session. This can allow individuals more access to much-needed services. Virtual group therapy is also a unique option to bring together people from all different parts of the province or country. At FTPS, we can offer a virtual group and bring individuals together from both Ontario and BC. This type of a service might not be accessible to some given where they live. However, virtual group therapy breaks down those barriers and opens up many possibilities. 
  • Effectiveness: Group therapy works! We know that it works for many psychological disorders, with OCD being just one of them. Studies have also found it to be helpful for other anxiety disorders, depression and trauma in both youth and adult populations.
  • Social support: Although group therapy might not set out to enhance social support, people who attend it often enjoy the weekly meetings. They will say that they “look forward” to seeing their other group members each week. They might even form connections with group members after the group ends. The group forum, in addition to skills and practice, will often provide members with connections to people that might not have formed otherwise. These relationships can prove both enjoyable and aid in the recovery process. 

What Should I Expect in Group Therapy for OCD at FTPS?

When signing up for group therapy for OCD at FTPS, you can expect to receive evidence-based treatment for OCD. We have run groups for OCD for both adults and adolescents since 2021. These groups are conducted within small closed formats. This allows for information to be shared amongst group members in a safe space.

The group intervention that we offer for OCD includes several Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) strategies. We also incorporate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as well as mindfulness strategies.

The skill you will learn when taking our groups will include:

  • Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy
  • Understanding and challenging common OCD thought traps
  • Learning thought record skills
  • Understanding the role of acceptance and cognitive defusion
  • Leaning into anxiety and taking difficult thoughts and feelings with you
  • Values-based strategies and present moment awareness

You will leave the group with a toolbox of many different strategies that you can use to push back against your OCD. And you will learn that anxiety is not dangerous and you can do what matters to you in life, even if you are experiencing anxiety and distress. 

How Do I Find out More about Group Therapy for OCD at Forward Thinking Psychological Services?

At FTPS, we offer group therapy in adults with OCD as well as adolescents with OCD. These groups are conducted separately. Our adolescent group is led by one of our clinicians on our team who provide specialized adolescent therapy, given their training and background. 

If you are interested in taking part in a group, please reach out to us at 

Contact us today! We are always recruiting for OCD groups!

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